At Gilbert Scott Primary we follow the New National Primary Curriculum for England 2014.  A copy has been attached below for you to understand what the expectations are for the end of each year group and key stage in all subjects including english and maths. The foundation subjects are taught through topics using the Cornerstones Curriculum. For more information about Cornerstones, please visit

We do not use a set reading scheme but mainly use Oxford Reading Tree.  Our reading books have been colour banded according to difficulty.  The order of these colours are pink, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, turquoise, purple, gold then onto free readers.  The end of year expectations are –

Reception – Yellow

Year 1 – Orange

Year 2 – Gold

In the teaching of phonics we use Read, write, inc.

In Science we use a scheme to support the children's learning called Science Bug.  A brochure has been attached for you to find out more information about this scheme of work.

We follow the Croydon agreed syllabus for Religious Education, a copy of  is attached below for your information.

Links to websites to support learning  Please click the links below for further information about the Curriculum.