The governors of Gilbert Scott Primary School work closely with the whole school team to ensure that the children have the best possible education we are able to offer them and that each child is supported to reach their potential.

Each governor committee (Resources, Curriculum & Inclusion) has defined roles to support the school e.g. discussing the policies that the school has reviewed.

All governors are strongly encouraged to visit the school, at least twice a year, whilst the school is in session, to watch the children and staff as they go about their daily business. This gives governors a greater understanding of what goes on in school and an insight into the ‘full on’ nature of working with young children.

Chair Governor James Filus
Vice-Chair Governor Tim Rodwell

Paul Thomas (Principal)
Bernadette Wakefield (Deputy Head)

Frances Le Roy

Simon Trehearn

Jennifer Robins
Ellie Seaman (Staff)